Building powerful reading habits in students

Scan & review books at home or school - discuss in the classroom with your teachers and peers.


Nurturing an environment of learning

Develop Critical Thinking

Build observation and analytical skills, beyond literacy and comprehension.

Build Writing Skills

Practising every day is the best way to improve writing and comprehension skills.

Evolve Social Intelligence

Shared reviews teach online social responsibility in a safe environment.

Drive class discussions

Recommend and discuss the books they are reading with their class and school.

Encourage reluctant readers

Build confidence for all readers by inviting participation and discussion.

Customise your goals

Set individual, class and school goals, and track progress with students in your dashboard.

Real-time feedback

Real-time feedback and recommendations come from teachers directly to parents and students.

Parental guidance

Push notifications remind you to read daily, and provide helpful hints.

100% Satisfaction

Designed by teachers, for teachers.

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How does it help you as a teacher?

We foster a love of books and reading by encouraging students to share their thoughts on books with their teachers and peers

Great Reporting

Encourage great reading habits with fully transparent data. Track how your class and school are reading compared to other classes and years.

Intrinsic Rewards

Students are rewarded for their efforts with badges for achieving milestones. These are visible to the class/school, and allow you to reinforce great reading habits through your school rewards program.


Teachers can recommend books and send encouraging messages to view at home, to help students on their reading journey.

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Ease of Use

We have designed our application to make it simple for students, parents and teachers so that everyone has more time to read.

Proven Technology

Our secure system means that your data is safe and easily accessible.

Save Money

Forget printed reading logs - save time and money using dogeared, and make handwritten logs a thing of the past.